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ACS Supports National Licensing Week 2019

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) is supporting National Licensing Week (17th-21st June) and is encouraging retailers to get involved by using this week to showcase the work that they do in their communities.

National Licensing Week was established in 2016 by the Institute of Licensing to raise awareness about the role of licensing in our everyday lives. The underlying message of this week is that ‘licensing is everywhere’ and day one of National Licensing Week focuses on ‘Positive Partnerships’.

National Licensing Week and Summer event advice

Carmarthenshire County Council’s licensing officers are raising awareness of their work as part of this year’s National Licensing Week (June 17-21).

Councils across the UK are promoting the important role licensing has to play day to day – from supporting the licensed trade and organisers of temporary events to taxi drivers and charity fundraising collectors.

Despite its role in everyday life, licencing often goes unnoticed. The aim of this campaign is to change that perception.

Night Time Economy Solutions: Our guide to getting the most from National Licensing Week #NLW2019

Everyone, every day is affected by licensing, whether we work in the industry or not. Catching a taxi, eating at a restaurant, gambling in a casino, playing bingo or taking a trip to the theatre are all experiences controlled by licensing. Pretty much everything you can think of that happens in a public place – especially at night time – is governed by licensing laws.

Licensing is one of the key factors in keeping the public safe while we enjoy our chosen leisure activity, yet many do not realise its impact or importance.

National Licensing Week (NLW) 2019

National Licensing Week (NLW) 2019 will run this year between 17 and 21 June 2019, organised and promoted as usual by the IoL.

NLW represents an opportunity for everyone involved in licensing to promote Licensing.  NLW is seen by the IoL as a chance to raise awareness across the country and are encouraging as much engagement as possible again this year.   More and more businesses and organisations are using National Licensing Week to showcase what they do as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of licensing and all the participants.

National Licensing Week will take place from Monday 17 June to Friday 21 June 2019, Stockton Council’s Licensing Officers raised awareness of the impact licensing has.

National Licensing Week 2019

National Licensing Week will take place from Monday 17 June to Friday 21 June 2019, Stockton Council’s Licensing Officers raised awareness of the impact licensing has. 

Licensing plays a vital role in supporting businesses, enabling high standards and keeping the public safe. Licensing work closely with the various trades including pubs, clubs, arcades, betting shops, charities and taxis please watch the video above to see the full range of licensing services we offer.

Police's new county licensing officer highlights 'National Licensing Week'

This coming week is National Licensing Week (Monday, June 17 to Friday, June 21) with additional licensing activities in Tenby, and the rest of the county highlighting the importance of licensing and regulation for the safety and prosperity of all.

Dyfed Powys-Police’s new county licensing officer Nigel Lewis who recently gained his Professional Licensing Practitioners Qualification (PLPQ) along with the Neighbourhood Policing Teams in the area, will be raising awareness of licensing and its important role in our everyday lives.

Securing event licences depends on positive partnerships

Event organisers that develop positive partnerships with local agencies and community groups are more likely to identify issues that might hinder the successful staging of their event in advance and secure a licence allowing them to operate.

Meeting the licensing requirements involves considering a myriad of issues, liaising with a broad range of authorities and, often, addressing concerns raised by community groups.

Guide to policy and training for dealing with vulnerable customers

It’s well known that regular contact with vulnerable people comes hand in hand with managing a licensed venue. Many factors contribute to a customer becoming vulnerable, from lowered inhibition and impaired judgment, to spiked drinks and being left alone. Jo Cox-Brown, Director of Night Time Economy Solutions, offers insight on how to plan the management of vulnerable persons in your business to create a safer environment for all.